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29 Kasım-7 Aralık HUMAN RIGHTS 2023 2 Ay Önce Konuyu oluşturan Ömer Tufan
Ömer Tufan
On the first day, when we got off the plane, we took the train to Hamara and then the car to Gaspug home. We were the first country to arrive. A few hours later, Germany came and we met them. The next day, Lithuania came and we worked on human rights and learned a lot about human rights. For example, we learned a lot about human rights in other countries. We made banners about people's lives, rights and freedoms. We had a lot of fun during the country promotion days. At the same time, we were trying to visit the city and get to know it. The best thing is that there were a lot of people that I got along with. We also went on nature trips and saw the northern lights. On the last day, we went to Oslo, spent time there and got on our plane and went to our country. we returned