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29 Kasım-7 Aralık 2023 Norveç Human Rights 2 Ay Önce Konuyu oluşturan Selen Hocaoğlu
Selen Hocaoğlu
Hello, my name is Selen.I went to Hamar,Norway, as part of a Erasmus+ project between 29 November-7 December 2023.It was my first Erasmus+ project and I can say that it wasn’t bad for a first.I get a chance to meet people from Lithuania,Germany and Türkiye.I had a lot fun while get to know other cultures and experience Norway.We talked about human rights; held cultural nights where we got the know the participating countries and organized an Oscar night where we shot a short film on the subject human rights.And our film won the best editing award.It was sad that it only lasted 10 days, but it was worth it.Because while get knowing people from other countries I had a chance to test my limits on English and social skills.In the end I’m glad that I participated in this project and these 10 days will be in a special place in my heart forever.