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29 November-7 December 2023 Human Rights 2 Ay Önce Konuyu oluşturan Halit Eren Örs
Halit Eren Örs
Hello everyone. I am Halit Eren, I am 18 years old. I participated in the Erasmus+ Project on Human Rights in the town of Hamar, Norway, between 29 November and 7 December. There were three different countries in the project, including Turkey, so I had the opportunity to learn and get to know different cultures. The town of Hamar, where the project took place, was a truly fascinating place with its nature. We had fun and socialized with each other by performing different activities every day. Among these events, my favorite were the cultural nights. In the program, each group was given a day to introduce their culture and plan events. In this way, we had the opportunity to carry out our own activities. I improved both my foreign language and my self-confidence by speaking English with the friends I met in this project. The staff of the house we stayed in were very tolerant and good people. I realized my dream of seeing the northern lights thanks to this project. This project was a really good experience for me, hope to see you in other projects.