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29 NOV - 7 DEC Human Rights 2023 Norway 2 Ay Önce Konuyu oluşturan Atilla Dursun
Atilla Dursun
First of all, it was beautiful. Let me definitely state this. It was great to socialize with people from other countries and learn their culture, as well as teach them our own culture. Our topic was Human Rights. We did many activities on this subject and had a lot of fun. Sometimes we played games, sometimes we chatted. And we learned that the most important thing is to be human first. No matter who it is; We have seen that people all over the world are equal, regardless of race, language, religion or color. We also saw that we must respect the beliefs, ideas and decisions of every person in the world. We saw that we should not harm someone just because their opinion does not make us happy. Of course, apart from that, we also saw the beautiful nature of Norway. The country is really very civilized. It is a country where human rights are defended. And it was very suitable for our project. The people there were really respectful, tolerant and civilized. I wish we could see this level of civilization all over the world. Then the world would be a better place. As you can see, this project really left a good impression on us. I would like to thank everyone involved in this project.