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Greenland - Return to Nature 5 Yıl Önce Konuyu oluşturan Omer Ceyhun YILMAZ
Omer Ceyhun YILMAZ
Hello guys, this is ceyhun. I m 20 years old and studying in Boğaziçi university. Return to nature was my first project and first of all, that was a life-changing adventure for me. It was kinda lucky moment for me to get in the group, i was the last member of the group by the way. I was excited, trying to figure out what is going to happen in the first place, meeting turkish people also in the meantime, besides foreigns. At first couple of days i wasn’t really comfortable, i was struggling to meet people, didn’t have so much confidence but in the project it all sorted itself out. After few days, i started to loosen up and having really wonderful times with people i met. We had cultural nights which were quite entertaining, instructive and a good basis to get to know people from other countries and their standards of living. We celebrated Greenland’s and Denmark’s national day and had a football match with locals, that was a great opportunity to get close to them more and have a communication with them, one of the best moments in the project i think. We also went on hiking in the day we visited the glaciers. Along the hike, we had a better chance to observe the environment . I usually consider myself as a sensitive person for the nature and during the hikes, they made me become more aware of how the nature should be and why we should take global precautions in order to prevent pollutions, climate changes and global warming. Besides that, every country’s had their own workshops to call attention to the nature, there were really creative ideas and they were really enjoyable moments. And after all, it was quite hard to say goodbye to people that we’ve lived under the same roof for 10 days. I still talk to some of them actually. Having said that, the project was really developing for any person in many perspectives. It has many good influences on me and because of that i sincerely thank to ÇEVKA for giving me this amazing opportunity. And looking forward to the future projects :))