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24Feb-8March Norway Back to Normalization 2 Yıl Önce Konuyu oluşturan Mina sakallı
Mina sakallı
With the covid-19 disease that exploded in the spring of 2020, the whole world had to shut down. The biggest damage caused by this was not being able to socialize. Because man is a social being. I was selected as a participant in this project carried out with ÇEVKA within the scope of Erasmus plus. The subject of the project was the post-pandemic normalization process. The purpose of choosing this project in particular was that I wanted to learn how the pandemic was overcome not only in Turkey but also in different parts of the world and what kind of problems were experienced. We came together with participants from 6 different countries and we held events in many fields for 2 weeks. The most meaningful to me was the play about how the covid-19 disease is received in countries. I made friends from many countries and had the opportunity to introduce my own country. I also learned a lot about Norwegian culture and climate. Thanks to ÇEVKA, I learned about this project in Norway. I think everyone should take part in such a project and I would like to thank everyone ☺️