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Norway 16-24 February 2 Yıl Önce Konuyu oluşturan Öznur Dinç
Öznur Dinç
Hello, everyone. I'm Oznur. Between February 16th and 24th, I participated in a youth exchange project organised by @cevrevekalkinmadernegi in Hamar, Norway, with 50 participants from Turkey, Norway, UK, Macedonia, Romania and Lithuania. Project name; "Inspiration" The aim of the project is; to spread peace, nonviolence and tolerance among young people and to use various branches of art such as dance, music and theatre to create a social society where young people can show their creativity. In this sense, we organized different workshops for 8 days using common training methods. We introduced the musics that exists in our culture, we prepared theatre performances, we created our own music in groups, we even organized an Oscars ceremony by shooting special clips... We tried to understand each other and express ourselves using various branches of art. We have collaborated well with our own team and participants in other countries and demonstrated team spirit. Thanks to the cultural nights in the project, I had the opportunity to taste the food and drinks of different countries. Besides, I learned their dance, their culture. At the same time, I introduced our own country, our culture, our food. I developed my ability to speak English and had the opportunity to have an idea of different languages. Thanks to the project, I had the opportunity to visit the cities of Oslo, Hamar and Lillehammer. We gained different qualifications for seven days. Most importantly, we made lasting friendships, made great friendships. We spent every moment full of events and trips. Everything was unbelievably beautiful. I would like to thank @cevrevekalkinmadernegi for opening their doors to me and for keeping their support always . It was a great project with everything. See you on new projects... @oznurrdncc