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Norway 16-24 February 2 Yıl Önce Konuyu oluşturan Ahmet Namık
Ahmet Namık
Hi, I'm Gökhan Ceylan. In February, I had the opportunity to spend a lovely week in Norway with the organization of ÇEVKA. The main topic of the Erasmus+ youth exchange program I attended was "Dance" We held various and fun activities every day. We had fun, organized walks, and enjoyed the cold with nearly 60 friendly participants from different countries. To give details, we had great times from culture nights to oscar nights. We have seen other cultures' dances, traditions, and foods, and we have been close with various activities. As a result, we had indescribable but livable memories. The Norwegian organizer team helped us a lot throughout the project. They helped us find answers whenever we had a question. They treated us like a friend, not a participant. Well, if I had to answer what I gained with this project, I had a lot of fun, improved my language level by speaking English with people from different nationalities and expanded my vision by hearing other ideas. I want to thank the organization of ÇEVKA, Serdar Altuntop, other precious organizers, and my dear friends for this beautiful project. I want to continue representing ÇEVKA in other projects.