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Norway back to normalization 2 Yıl Önce Konuyu oluşturan MUHAMMED
erasmus+ Norway was the first project I have been to abroad. To begin with, I made a  lot of friends from different countries that helped me for experiencing many different cultures. other people in the project are joined from 6 different countries.  That was Norway, Turkey, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, and the Netherlands. Meeting with many different people and spending time with them are giving people another vision. I can say that's another plus. also, the host country of Norway has a different climate I didn't experience before, hiking in that environment has a unique feeling. I'm feeling lucky for I was been in that project. furthermore, Norwegian cities and warm people of Norway are destroyed many taboos on my mind. some stereotypes about Norway expect they were cold people but in reality, they were so helpful and kind people. also, In conclusion, I feel so happy for all this experience for getting closer to achieving myself. I look forward to new projects. thank ÇEVKA for giving me the marvelous opportunity
Thnx for your notes