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İsveç and Çevka 2 Yıl Önce Konuyu oluşturan Muhammed Cavdar
Muhammed Cavdar
Nature spirit project was not my first project but I think the best one. The location, the project subject, the participants was almost perfect. Karstad had a great location. It was between Oslo and Stockholm, so I had the chance to visit both city(thank you çevka). The project topic was important and I leart too much information about how to protect nature. We did too many presentation, activity and also games. I was addict to morning energizers. I think the best think in this project was communication with the people from other countries. I met different kind of people and their ideas also. We played games, we had long conversations, we shared our foods, we leart traditional dances. In a nutshell we did well together. I am so glad to being a participant of this project. Thank you çevka to gave me this chance.