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RETURN TO NATURE IN GREENLAND 4 Yıl Önce Konuyu oluşturan Esma Arslan
Esma Arslan
Dear All Reader, This is Esma from Istanbul and my major is based on International Relationship. It has been my second experience to participate in Erasmus Plus Project. According to me, it was the most interesting thing that I have been in Greenland during the longest day as illuminated. How it couldn't be great to have new friends from around of the world. With the behalf of the participant in the organisation, I had chance to see glacier and ice cap closely as a tale. It was a story as you would want to share for your kids. From the other side, the city where we have been was pretty small but we were into the natural. Maybe I would never have a chance to drink directly ice water with that much delicious.Perhaps, I wouldnt escape that much far away from what I known. It is incredible fortune to discover unknown from another side of the world. Apart from that, unfortunately we have seen the climate change relationship closely and it was absolutely as a drama level for our Earth. After a while from our project, IPPC warned that this year, there was ever the most melting period in Greenlad. In other words, we have withnessed this situation and it was rather serious situation that there is no space for as joke. Anyway, thanks to CEVKA, it was my honour to see Greenland, have amazing friends, discover new cultures and beyond these. Grateful to submit this opportunity in my life. Esma