13-22 March 2024  Norway/Gasbu

13-22 March 2024 Norway/Gasbu

3 Ay Önce

Greetings everyone! I am Halil Emir Taşar. As a participant of ÇEVKA, I took part in the "Youth Exchange" project in Norway between 13-22 March 2024. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience. The flow and implementation of the program was extremely successful. I would like to thank Mr. Emre for this. Nature walks, cultural promotion nights, pleasant conversations, friendly people... everything was great. It's getting more and more amazing day by day. There were enjoyable activities every day. These were fun and educational activities at the same time. We woke up to pure white mornings in the middle of nature. I thank ÇEVKA for giving me these experiences.

Halil Emir Taşar
Halil Emir Taşar