17-26 November 2023

17-26 November 2023 "Save Future" - Iceland

5 Ay Önce

Hello! This is Sude, a university student from Ankara. As it was my very first Erasmus+ project, I was a little bit nervous and excited at the beginning. However, after arriving at the accommodation and meeting with the other participants, I felt better already. Even though there were some organizational issues, I believe we somehow managed to overcome them and had a good time in general. One of my favourite moments were our two free days, in which we had the opportunity to see the magnificent natural beauty of Iceland with the new friendships we made during the week. Apart from that, during the workshops, we observed what kinds of preventions and solutions were taken by other countries (in our case, only Germany) about environmental issues. We researched different topics, like sustainable energy, ecosystems, recycling, and pollution. During our time in Iceland, we worked in groups, which helped us develop some soft skills like teamwork, public speaking, and time management. We not only worked hard but also had fun together and built new friendships. Especially during the cultural nights, learning about new cultures was an amazing opportunity. I would like to thank the European Union, Erasmus+, and Diyarbakır Çevka for giving me this huge chance. I hope to see all my new friends on another project!

Sude Çetinkaya
Sude Çetinkaya