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AŞKIM EZO BAROL First of all, I would like to thank you for give to me the opportunity to come to this project. It was my second projet that i have participated and i hope it wont be the last one.The group members were so nice,kind and funny.we were so many participants but even the third day of the Project we were able to know our names,and never forget each other. I also liked the participated countries. It was my first time to meet czech and lithuanians and portuguese. The program plan was designed very well, it was professional .Also the topic was really extraordinary and it had a point about in our world.Social media tools and affects to countiries. The Hostel, the accomodation was in the middle of the city so it was really easy to find it at arrival day. Although we found the harmony between each other. That's why it was painful to come home, because we got to know each other very well in the end. The people who participated in this program, they gave me a lot ... it opened my eyes, opened my mind to a lot of things .. and changed me a bit. I discovered myself,and decided what i want to do in my future life. about other countries, about people, and last my English became better. That is why I quit university after this project. I planned to work more about this projects and develop myself There were funny, emotional moment. There are so many things in my mind ... because this project really has a lot to offer me and I'm sure others feel the same. I hope this is not my last project and we will keep in touch with you. It's great to be a member of a team with whom we solve everything together, we came up together with new ideas .We had new experiences together Also after a month of the Project i could find a way to meet with my Czech friends and that moment was so special form e because we saw each other only in Project and second time in their hometown but i really felt that pure friendship and i am sure if we see each other again 10 years later it will keep going to keep that magical feelings.Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate me in this project, which is primarily thanks to MEHMET ALTUNTOP

Aşkım Ezo Barol
Aşkım Ezo Barol