Fuglebjerg, Denmark

Fuglebjerg, Denmark "Fairness" Project

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Hello Guys, I am Neşe. I want to share my experiences and impressive memories from the "Fairness" Project in Fuglebjerg, Denmark. Firstly, many thanks to Diyarbakır Environment and Development Association for giving me such an opportunity. The projects had 60 participants from 6 different countries Turkey, UK, Macedonia, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovenia, and our topic was 'Fairness'. Every day started with some energizer games and activities. It made us more energetic and starts each day with enjoyable. And then each day we did many tasks and discuss fairness, gender equality/ inequality that looked on these issues with a different view. The topic and issues organized via different countries prepared the tasks for us. Each day was fulfilling with different activities. For example, we made short films, played games, prepared theaters, and presentations with our random groups. That random group activities are very effective because of every culture looking at issues with different views. And then we combined with different opinions. Besides, we had fun with cultural nights each night. Each country introduced their culture, cultural food, music, and dances. We learned cultural dances and tasted many different cultural foods. I met lots of friends from different cultures and countries. I have lots of friends now from different parts of the world:) So, you should come to ÇEVKA:) You should live unforgettable memories from CEVKA projects... Sincerely,

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