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25 Ekim- 6 Kasım 2021 tarihinde İsveç'in Katrineholm şehrinde yapılacak AB gençlik değişim projesine AB pasaportu, yeşil pasaportlu veya oturumu olan 6 katılımcı arıyoruz.

25 Ekim- 6 Kasım 2021 tarihinde İsveç'in  Katrineholm şehrinde yapılacak AB gençlik değişim projesine AB pasaportu, yeşil pasaportlu veya oturumu olan 6 katılımcı arıyoruz. Ülkemiz ve dünyada yaşanan Covid-19 nedeniyle sadece oturma izni olan, yeşil pasaportlu veya AB pasaportu olan kişiler projeye başvurabilir. 

PLACE AND DATE: 25- October-6 November 2021, Katrineholm, sweden
PARTICIPANTS: 60 people (5 youth+1 group leaders from each country)
COUNTRY: Partner countries will be from Sweden, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Macedonia, France, Serbia, Romania, Germany, Lithuania. 

Through the spirit of active European citizenship, Environment project aims to underline the importance of environmental awareness practices in rural areas by the young participants through:
1. Creative space ( conducted using methods of non-formal education
2. Concrete Actions (eg. Eco-topic workshops, Greening, Planting trees)
On the long term, the results of our project will help reduce the negative impact caused by man on the natural environment. Moreover, we want a better communication and to create a durable link between the young participants of the project and local residents.
The objectives of Environment are:
-The involvement of 60 young people in ecology-related topics that affect our society and their communities;
-Promoting the concept of “active citizenship", reminding young people values such as solidarity and dialogue, values that they will show both in activities within the group, but also when they will interact with the members of the local community. 60 participants will learn that a good citizen is concerned about the problems faced by the community, in this case about ecology;
The impact on the 10 partners varies depending on the specifics of each one and the community in which they operate. In discussing with the partners, we identified a series of general benchmarks for estimating the impact at the organization level:
-Increasing visibility in communities by promoting ecology, as a result of being involved in solving a problem existing at local level;
-Creating and maintaining links with other project partners for the development of new partnerships, with potential in writing new Erasmus+ applications or for other funding sources;
-Increased experience for the human resources involved: the coordinators of each partner in the international management team, the group leaders (who are either already from the organization and develop their skills, or can join the organization after this experience);
-Attracting new volunteers, due to the curiosity and enthusiasm aroused by the young people who were prepared and supported for this project; the participants in exchange will be more prepared for activities with the organization in the community and can become its volunteers;
-Developing partnerships with local and regional authorities from communities, in order to collaborate for the follow-up phase of this project, but also for ideas of future, international and local projects; Based on these general guidelines we have exemplified in the next section, using the information transmitted by each organization involved.

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3. Projeye başvuracak kişilerin dil bilme zorunluluğu yoktur ama grubun aktif olması için sadece 2-3 tane İngilizce bilmeyen geri kalan iyi derece ve orta derece İngilizce bilenler seçilecektir.
4. Proje tarihlerindeki konaklama, yeme-içme ve aktivite giderleri ev sahibi kuruluş tarafından karşılanacaktır. CEVKA’nın projenin fiziki organizasyonunda bir sorumluluğu yoktur.
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