Slovakya Gençlik Değişimi

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10-19 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde Slovakya'nın Oščadnica yapılacak AB gençlik değişim projesine AB pasaportu veya oturumu olan 7 katılımcı arıyoruz.

10-19 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde Slovakya'nın Oščadnica yapılacak AB gençlik değişim projesine AB pasaportu olan 7 katılımcı arıyoruz.. Ülkemiz ve dünyada yaşanan Covid-19 nedeniyle sadece oturma izni olan veya AB pasaportu olan kişiler projeye başvurabilir. Slovakya'nın corona önlemleri doğrultusunda yeşil pasaportlular da alınabilir.

DATE: 10. – 19. August 2021
PLACE: Oščadnica, Slovakia
PARTICIPANTS: 36 people (6 youth + 1 group leader from each country, 8 from Slovakia)
COUNTRIES: Partner countries will be from Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia.
LANGUAGE: The working language will be English.

Through the project activities, the participants would gain specific knowledge/ information about ecology, environment conservation, alternative sources, renewable energy, excessive usage of energies, global warming, and ways how to reduce it, recyclation and so on. The participants will be informed about the Europe 2020 strategy of the European Union. Sharing of the results will contain activities that will be held in order to share the results to the wide community. Sharing of the results will be conducted in two main layers- First- cooperation of the local media, we would like to contact local and regional media and prepare a report about our project and its results. Also, the partner organisations will do the same in their communities in their countries. We would like to use the advantage of the social network to spread the results of the project. The second layer through which we will actively inform about our results would be spoken form. We will present the Erasmus+ program in our communities as an opportunity that cannot be missed for an active young person. Each partner will organise an eventual "conference"- non-formal meeting which will provide an opportunity to share the results of the projects. Participants will invite people from their communities. The participants will create projects in their local communities.

In order to achieve main aim, the project has got several objectives as follow:

1)      1- To raise awareness amongst young people, youth leaders and youth workers about the needs for feeling eco – friendly


2)     2- To learn how to create and define your eco idea for your community.