For Romania

For Romania

8 Ay Önce

For Romania;

First of all, I am very lucky to have encountered this project. I don't know how, but I realized I was so lucky. I missed the plane with my three friends the day I planned to go to Romania. It was the most terrible and ridiculous part of my life for me. we were running like crazy in the airport. But that plane went and we just stared. we didn't give up, we got plane tickets to Bucharest for the next day. We went to Bucharest Cluj by hitchhiking. Because we didn't have any money. We did not believe that we would join the project until the team got us from Cluj. We met with the team like two at night and it was a great feeling.

I observed a little around the early days of the project. I found myself in a more intimate, warmer, more fun environment than I expected. the studies were fluent, enjoyable. the whole team started to agree very well in one or two days. learned a lot: a better english, a regular life, good communication ... but most importantly, I learned to share love and happiness. The training was efficient and fluent. we were learning new things every day. Of course we didn't rest in the evenings. We enjoyed the fun and danced like crazy. Efficient training in the morning, efficient entertainment in the evening.

The most important thing was other countries. we learned a lot about the problems of other countries, the cultures and lifestyles of other countries. I can't forget the Bulgarian pastry I ate. i can't forget the wonderful organization of spanish. I cannot forget the pasta of the Italians, the chocolate of Romanians.

The saddest day of this project was the day we left the band. The last conversations we did at the restaurant, the embrace, the cry, the last farewell at the airport. I'm sorry to leave and I miss them.
The most mportant thing I will do after that; to research new projects. This is a great project, I am very happy to be involved, and I hope I'm always lucky. because I want to see the same people over and over again. The last thing I wanted to say was: I went, saw, discovered, had fun and I was loved,. I'm happy. I want to return to Romania.