"I'm a book"

6 Ay Önce

I'm Betul Simsek. I'm 20 years old. I'm studying psychology. It was my first project. Sixty participants from six countries and nine days. At the end of the ninth day, I felt the spirit of friendship deeply. Before I joined the project, I had concerns and of course my expectations. At the end of the project, I saw that all my expectations were met. I've had experiences I never even dreamed of. It has given me wonderful experiences. My self-confidence in language has increased. I made lots of friends. I tasted the food of different cultures and learned about their traditions. Besides, I met valuable people. I have experienced with my whole being that the important thing is to be human, religion, language, race, gender are not important. “I am a book” I am a book. We were all a different book. And these different books side by side were very special and beautiful.

Betül Şimşek
Betül Şimşek