ECO-GREEN  İstanbul/Turkey

ECO-GREEN İstanbul/Turkey

3 Hafta Önce

Ecogreen project, which was held in İstanbul/Turkey with the participation of UK, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic and Turkey, gave me a lot of chances to learn about ecology, ecological problems, solutions to these problems, global warming, countries’ good practices on the environment, sustainable ecological projects, reusing, reduction of using plastics, utilizing renewable sources more and etc. With workshops and activities, we learnt how to be eco-friendly and how to use these kind of products more. We presented our projects on ecology and did activities on placing the nature in our life better. We had amazing time and fresh air by trekking in the mother nature. Ecology was not only thing I learnt but also I had an opportunity to know about participants and their countries, cultures, languages, lives, experiences and themselves. In the cultural nights, we tasted different sweets, cookies, meals, and drinks. We learnt some daily and famous words in participant countries’ languages and also their cultures and dances. With local people of amazing İstanbul, we discovered the city and had great time there. What I learnt from the project about ecology, countries, cultures, participants, their experiences and lives was formidable. It was worth to every inch of the time I spent there. Last but not least, differences are our richness.

Bişenk Paksoy
Bişenk Paksoy