Norway  CN

Norway CN

4 Ay Önce

I was so lucky to be part of the project in Norway. It was hard to getting used to the weather of Norway but we handled it somehow. This project teached us so many things. For example how to take photos and how to edit them , cultures of the other participant countrys and how to respect each other and how to live together. During the project we traveled around the Norway. It was awesome we love the natural beautys of the country. Also we learn about their history. There were 3 more countrys participants Lithuania , UK and Slovakia. Every country had their own culture night and introduce their country to all participants. Dances , foods and their famous stuff. Those nights were so great. We learn so much and we had fun so much. I think this is the main reason of this kinds of projects. We teach, we learn and we have fun at the same time. I want to thank every one in this project for such a great experience.

Talha Odabaş
Talha Odabaş